For Calvin Klein‘s debut foray into the world of Design Miami/Basel, Raf Simons has once again called upon classic American iconography of the barn. We all recognise the space as the setting for the #MyCalvins campaign, only this time, there isn’t a Kardashian in sight as the space is taken up by a limited edition collection of Cassina Feltri armchairs, upholstered with a selection of vibrant fabrics chosen by Raf’s own fair hand.


The barn, which is one of several built for the Calvin Klein 205W39NYC FW18 show, is now virtually synonymous with Raf’s vision of Americana at the brand, and despite being the go-to campaign location, doubles up as an ideal installation space.

Inside, no less than one hundred Feltri armchairs, originally conceived by Italian designer Gaetano Pesce for luxury furniture store Cassina in 1987, make up a field of luxury comfort. The chair was Pesce’s ironic take on the royal throne and has since become a modern design classic.

In the words of Simons, the chair is a product of “cultural correspondence”, with each miniature throne upholstered with unique American heirloom quilts, dating back to the 19th and 20th century and stitching together aspects of American heritage with old artisanal techniques. The first fifty chairs will be available for purchase at the Fair, while the remaining fifty will be stocked at Cassina. We suggest purchasing immediately to avoid any disappointment.