Find here an exclusive first look at Fendi‘s summer eyewear collection, fronted by actor, model, musician and general Jack of all trades Jamie Campbell Bower. From behind a pair of dashing, rimless specs, watch as he vocalises his existential acting dilemma from the confines of a bar, wrapped in a dressing gown. Just one of those standard ‘What does it all mean?’ nights at the pub, don’t judge.

Bower has starred in a number of high profile productions, from a pale-faced neck nibbler in the Twilight series, to a young King Arthur in Camelot and a lead role in next year’s Six Days of Sistine, centred around two lost souls in a world of modernisation trying to find each other. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, you can also catch him shredding solos on stage as guitarist and lead vocal for his punk band Counterfeit.

The full Fendi summer eyewear collection is to be released 11th June, available at