Top image: photography by Josh Hight

Having spent her childhood surrounded by the moors and pastures of Shropshire, the imaginative possibilities those open landscapes offered have long fed into Lou Dalton‘s playful designs.

With models sat atop prop boulders, the London-based designer’s FW18 collection riffed on long hiking trips and clambering up boulders as a young girl – volume, texture and knitwear were all key for those blustery autumnal months. Six months on and those wild moors have settled beneath the golden sun. A setting of escapism against concerning global affairs, flowers begin to bloom and the harvest is being reaped; it’s a time of promise and new beginnings.

Below, Dalton gives us a peak into her upcoming SS19 offering.

What’s been on your mind this season?
“Brexit, global affairs and one’s wellbeing.”

Any key sources of inspiration?
“Sun-drenched Land. Harvest. An embodiment of youthful promise. Sun-kissed farm hand. Rain on a hot summers day. Youth.”

Has anything happened to you since FW18 that has influenced this collection?
“This seasons collection is a gradual move on from what I showed back in January, it’s the same guy just in lighter wares. I’m keen to have continuity within the range, to work on creating core Lou Dalton pieces that will refine the male wardrobe.”

What excites you the most about this season?
“I feel like I have come home with this collection as I did in January, something that is personal and in a way captures an element form past Lou Dalton Collections. I think we can all relate to latching on to familiarity, what feels like home, a bit like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz…”

Lou Dalton’s SS19 show takes place on Saturday 9th June at 11:30.
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