“I felt some pirates are still alive there.” Japanese photographer Yoshiyuki Matsumura tells us, describing his time spent on Caribbean islands Turks and Caicos and referring to the location’s mythical past.

For hundreds of years, Turks and Caicos attracted the fringe elements of European society who sought refuge on the remote and stunning Caribbean islands. A popular hideout for pirates, the shallow waters surrounding the islands proved treacherous territory, wrecking more than 1000 ships seeking the paradise location for rest, fuel and fun.

It’s this infamous history that first attracted Matsumura to the islands, while also keen to observe how the location had changed through time. Capturing the islands’ tranquil sun-kissed streets and the people (and dogs) who call it home, Matsumura soon fell for its charm, discovering intimate moments in a timeless zone.

Collating his images from the trip into a new photo book titled Pirates Island, Matsumura’s series paints a vivid picture of life on one of the planet’s most fabled locations. Click through the images below.

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