Still, ‘Halloween’ 1978  / dir John Carpenter

John Carpenter’s 1978 cult classic Halloween became as famous for its tense and minimal score as it did for his terrifying antagonist, escapee murderer Michael Myers. While the iconic filmmaker won’t be directing the new Halloween reboot (slated for release on 19th October 2018), it’s now been confirmed that Carpenter will return to the franchise to help provide the score.

In addition to directing the original ’78 horror, Carpenter also crafted the score, taking inspiration from Goblin’s Suspiria soundtrack and Bernard Herrmann’s iconic Psycho score. With its use of musical “stingers” (sudden, loud chords) to emphasise moments of terror or violence and that instantly memorable main theme, played in 5/4 time – a rhythm he learned as a teenager from his music-professor dad on bongos – Carpenter created an instant classic that continues to send shivers down spines 30 years on.

The new Halloween reboot will be directed by David Gordon Green and will see Jamie Lee Curtis return to the series.