At the end of last year Canadian brand Ports announced a new brand new unisex contemporary line titled Ports V. Now comes the first peek of creative director Milan Vukmirovic’s debut collection for the line via a new campaign entitled Love Only.

Photographed in LA by Vukmirovic, the imagery is a bold celebration of love and difference bringing together a diverse model gang of different ethnic backgrounds and genders. As for the collection itself, the new “see now, buy now” line features slogan t-shirts, graphic sweaters, colour-block denim and everyday accessories such as backpacks, hats and phone cases.

“The creation of Ports V is not about a product or a collection per se; it is about the meaning behind the innovative creations – love unites through inclusivity and diversity, seeing past the differences of skin colour, ethnicity and gender,” said Vukmirovic. “Ports V celebrates culture in all its forms.”


“Finally it seems we are able to reject previously accepted doctrine and provide the consumer with exactly what they want, when they want it, rather than be dictated to by show calendars, market schedules and delivery times,” said Vukmirovic of Ports V’s set-up. Eschewing the traditional practice of seasonal collections, the new line will instead be split into six limited edition capsules per annum.

The debut Ports V collection will be available exclusively on Farfetch from 30th March.