Ever wanted to shred guitar like Kim Gordon et al? Haven’t we all. Well here’s your chance, as New Jersey-based music shop GBDD are auctioning off four of the band’s guitar pedals on eBay – all authorised by former Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley.

“We have been authorized by Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth to sell this lot of pedals from the band’s personal recording and rehearsal studio collection, owned by them during periods of some of their greatest work,” says a statement on the eBay account. “It cannot be said with certainty when or by whom each particular pedal was used. Each pedal comes with a Letter of Authenticity with make, model, and serial number, signed by Steve Shelley.”

Whether you’re after the 1997 Lovetone Big Cheese fuzz pedal, the HSW Honda Sound Works Dope Fuzz or perhaps the Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem Distortion, each pedal already priced in the hundreds, these ain’t going cheap. But if you do decide to splash the cash, please don’t keep these locked away behind glass – these pedals deserve to be wrecked.