Marking the opening of Dover Street Market‘s new Singapore location, the concept store recruited photographer Ryan O’Toole Collett and sent him to document a fresh side of the location, away from the classic tropical and regulated city state image often portrayed.

What the London photographer discovered was Youths in Balaclava, a group of like-minded young creatives breaking down artistic boundaries and exploring street culture through their own fashion brand, music and art – creating a holistic universe to explore. Having first dropped a series of tees in 2015, the collective have since released three collections, Traitors 2 Society, Twisted Paradise and Stigma.

“Some are trained fashion designers, some are musicians, one is a scientist, one an accountant, and one is even doing his military service,” says DSM in a statement. “Ryan hung out with the group for a week or so. They showed him another side of Singapore, cheap and delicious restaurants, dodgy bars, music places, and all the while he took many many photos, the result of which is this book.”

The resulting photo documentary book and a special celebratory t shirt are set to launch on 13th January at DSM stores and online.

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