Following the critical acclaim of their 2015 debut, Before the World Was Big, LA duo Girlpool found themselves caught in a whirlwind of their own creation, travelling the world performing to their ever-growing fanbase.

Having eventually landed, Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker headed to their native LA and holed themselves up at Comp-ny studios for a ten day recording sesh, resulting in their new sophomore record, Powerplant. Whilst ten days may sound like a short time to you and me, these two thrive on a quick-fire formula subscribing to the Lou Reed school of thought: “One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.”

Now 21 and 20, Harmony and Cleo’s newest work refines their sound via a more emotional approach, confronting projections, despondency, apathy, romanticisation, love, lust and heartbreak with sincere expression. “As a society I feel
that we perceive softness and vulnerability as traits that are ‘weak,’ and people emotionally disconnect themselves in order to avoid going through everything they feel,” Cleo explains.

Filtering down their influences, Harmony and Cleo have shared four things that have had a direct impact on them, whether good or bad. To the point, this band doesn’t sit still for long.

More Than This by Roxy Music
“My mom showed me the album Avalon by Roxy Music. It was an album she listened to on a cassette when she rode her bike at 6am. She lived in the valley in her 20s and got really into riding her bike around the hills.”

“My friend Julia Rothblatt makes really great work and also makes sick music called LIFER.”

julia braiman rothblatt - Hung Right, 2013

“I recently saw boss baby. I wasn’t impressed.”

“The food court at the westside pavilion I used to walk to the mall and get lunch. Usually I would eat at Panda Express and get the kids meal with a cookie. My order was orange chicken and white rice. After, I would wait in line for candy and get a free sample of the chocolate. Then I’d walk back home.”

Girlpool’s Powerplant is out now on Anti-Records.
The band play at London’s Village Underground on September 7th, tickets are available here.